Muzzled Science Timeline (Intl.)

Last updated March 27th, 2015

This timeline is an ongoing listing of the silencing of scientists and related government organizations abroad.
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March 2015

  • A report from the Union of Concerned Scientists in the United States reveals significant improvements to the communications policies of government agencies conducting scientific research. This follows years of work on by the UCS to catalogue instances of political interference in government science in the United States. CS - 03/27/2015


December 2014

  • The Union of Concerned Scientists in the U.S. protests the use of a spending bill to delay protections for sage grouse (which are considered threatened under the Endangered Species Act). UCS says the move signifies "blatant, unobscured interference in science-based policy" on the part of Congress. CS - 12/15/2014

November 2014

June 2014

March 2014

January 2006

  • A top U.S. climate scientist says officials at NASA headquarters ordered staff to review his forthcoming lectures, papers and media interviews after he called for urgent cuts to greenhouse gas emissions. CS - 03/27/2015

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