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Silencing Science

    Scientists for the Right to Know began when we -- a collective of
    concerned citizens -- realized that the Canadian f
    ederal government has been
    waging a systematic assault on science as the basis of relevant
    information for policy making, and for knowing ourselves as a country
    and a nation.

    Here are just a few of the issues we will no longer know about ourselves:

    • Accurate detailed information about recent immigrants, people with
      disabilities, Aboriginal people, people with lower levels of education,
      post-secondary students because of the abolition of the mandatory
      long census form.
    • Information about the environmental effects of almost 3,000 projects
      -- information collection which was cancelled by the Canadian
      Environmental Assessment Agency after passing of the Omnibus Bill.
    • The number of Aboriginal women gone missing or murdered through the
      cutting of the Sisters in Spirit database.
    • Detailed information on the lives of low-income Canadians through the
      abolition of the National Council of Welfare.

    Some of the ways in which science is being destroyed include:

    • Closing down whole research organizations

    • Partially de-funding research organizations

    • Maintaining a research organization but perverting its work 
    • Stacking overseeing bodies with government supporters
    • Firing (or not renewing, or harassing until they resign) individuals who oppose government polices
    • Preventing the remaining scientists from speaking to the public, or the media
    • Preventing scientists to communicate with other scientists
    • Making it illegal for government scientists to criticize the government on and even off work

    In other words, the current federal government is out to destroy science as a basis for gaining information. For some of the evidence please look at the Muzzling Science timeline.

    We need to put the pieces together and start looking at the picture as a whole. The government's actions in this area have been internationally condemned. It is time for us to take charge and resist this on-going assault.  

    Our mandate is to advocate for the free conduct, communication, publication and archiving of research. We will resist the muzzling of scientists and of science. Please join us in the fight for maintaining Canada as a country in which policies are based on scientific knowledge, not on uninformed ideology. 

    from the Montreal Gazette

    Monday, Sept. 22, 7-9pm
    Room 044, University College, Univ. of Toronto

    Imposed Ignorance:
    On What Evidence does Ottawa Base its Decisions?
    Sept 30, 2014
    6-8 pm
    Registration information 
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